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Interface Messages Wiki

This is the wiki where system messages (content in the MediaWiki: namespace) are fetched for all other wikis. Please be very careful when editing here.

Translation maintainers:

  • PinkyShoutWiki Staff (German - de)
  • NicmavrShoutWiki Staff (Greek - el)
  • Jack PhoenixShoutWiki Staff (Finnish - fi)
  • LIMAFOX76 (French - fr)
  • Jedimca0ShoutWiki Staff (Dutch - nl)
  • Misiek95 (Polish - pl)
  • Gorden (Polish - pl, German - de)
  • Raltseye (Swedish - sv)

Becoming a translator

To get editing rights on this wiki, please contact Jack Phoenix either by leaving a message on his talk page or by emailing him at jack(a), stating what language you would like to translate and linking to your userpage on a ShoutWiki wiki or other site you are active on.

If you need any assistance (i.e. if you encounter a confusing system message), please contact the Customer Support Team — we'll be glad to help you!

Thank you for volunteering!

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