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The following table documents all new system messages defined by Comments extension and is meant to help translators with the translation process. The messages with wikitext or HTML tags have been surrounded with <nowiki> tags to display them exactly as they are in the source file.

The 'message' column refers to the appropriate MediaWiki message (such as MediaWiki:Comment-loading), 'default value' displays the default message (this is also shown in Special:AllMessages) and 'description' tells where the message is displayed and possibly some other useful things.

Message Default value Description
comment-comment Comment This message might be unused.
comments-db-locked <h3>Adding Comments</h3>The database is currently locked for routine database maintenance, after which it will be back to normal. Please check back later! Displayed if a page contains the <comments /> tag while the database is locked.
comment-voted-label Voted
comment-loading Loading...
comment-auto-refresher-enable Enable Comment Auto-Refresher
comment-auto-refresher-pause Pause Comment Auto-Refresher
comment-reply-to Reply to This message is followed by the user's username whom you're about to reply to. For example, "Reply to Jack Phoenix".
comment-cancel-reply Cancel
comment-block-warning Are you sure you want to permanently ignore all comments from Displayed in a JavaScript popup alert when the user is about to ignore someone's comments. This message is followed by either MediaWiki:Comment-block-anon or MediaWiki:Comment-block-user, depending on the fact whether the user is an anonymous one or not.
comment-block-anon this Anonymous user (via their IP address)
comment-block-user user
comment-sort-by-date Sort by Date
comment-sort-by-score Sort by Score
comment-show-comment-link Show Comment
comment-manage-blocklist-link Manage Ignore List
comment-ignore-message You are ignoring the author of this comment Shown in the output of the <comments /> tag instead of the person's comment if you're ignoring the said person.
comment-you You Note that there is a space before the word.
comment-reply Reply
comment-login-required You must be logged in to add comments
comment-post Post Comment
comment-submit Add your Comment
comment-score-text Score
comment-permalink Permalink
comment-delete-link Delete Comment Shown to Comment Administrators only.
comment-anon-name Anonymous User
comment-anon-message {{SITENAME}} welcomes <b>all comments</b>. If you don't want to be anonymous, <a href="$1">register</a> or <a href="$2">log in</a>. It's free. Shown above the comment form to anonymous users. $1 is the URL to Special:UserLogin, $2 is the URL to Special:UserLogin/signup.
comment-ignore-item <a href="$1">$2</a> on $3 <a href="$4">(unblock)</a> Shown on Special:CommentIgnoreList. $1 is the URL to the blocked user's user page, $2 is the name of the blocked user, $3 is the timestamp (when the user was blocked) and $4 is the URL to the unblock form.
comment-ignore-no-users There are no users currently blocked. Shown on Special:CommentIgnoreList if you haven't blocked anyone's comments.
comment-ignore-remove-message Are you sure you want to unblock user <b>$1</b>'s comments? Confirmation message, shown when the user is about to unblock someone's comments on Special:CommentIgnoreList. $1 is the username of the user whose comments the user has blocked.
comment-ignore-unblock Unblock
comment-ignore-cancel Cancel
comment-ignore-title Comment Ignore List Title of Special:CommentIgnoreList, as shown on the said page.
commentignorelist Comment Ignore List Title of Special:CommentIgnoreList, as shown on Special:SpecialPages.
commentslogpage Comments log Shown on Special:Log/comments if comment logging is enabled.
commentslogpagetext This is a log of comments Shown on Special:Log/comments if comment logging is enabled.
commentslogentry Do not translate this into other languages!
commentslog-create-entry New comment Shown on Special:Log/comments if comment logging is enabled.
comments-create-text [[$1]] - $2 Do not translate this into other languages!
comments-time-ago $1 ago $1 is one of the following messages: MediaWiki:Comments-time-days, MediaWiki:Comments-time-hours, MediaWiki:Comments-time-minutes or MediaWiki:Comments-time-seconds
comments-time-days {{PLURAL:$1|one day|$1 days}}
comments-time-hours {{PLURAL:$1|one hour|$1 hours}}
comments-time-minutes {{PLURAL:$1|one minute|$1 minutes}}
comments-time-seconds {{PLURAL:$1|one second|$1 seconds}}
group-commentadmin Comment Administrators Shown on Special:ListUsers. Members of this group can delete other users' comments.
group-commentadmin-member Comment Administrator Shown on Special:ListUsers. A "Comment Administrator" is someone who is a member of "Comment Administrators" user group.
right-comment Submit comments Shown on Special:ListGroupRights
right-commentadmin Administrate user-submitted comments Shown on Special:ListGroupRights