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The following table documents all new system messages defined by MyInfo extension and is meant to help translators with the translation process.

The 'message' column refers to the appropriate MediaWiki message (such as MediaWiki:Myinfo), 'default value' displays the default message (this is also shown in Special:AllMessages) and 'description' tells where the message is displayed and possibly some other useful things.

Message Default value Description
myinfo My Info Name of the special page, shown in Special:SpecialPages.
myinfo-summary <b>Your computer's information:</b> Shown on Special:MyInfo.
myinfo-skin Current skin: Skin refers to MediaWiki's skins.
myinfo-os Current Operating System: Microsoft Windows, Max OS X and GNU/Linux are examples of operating systems.
myinfo-browser Current browser: "Browser" refers to the user's web browser. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera are some examples of web browsers.
myinfo-fullbrowser Full user agent string: "user agent string" refers to the browser's user agent.