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The following table documents all new system messages defined by AJAX Poll extension and is meant to help translators with the translation process.

The 'message' column refers to the appropriate MediaWiki message (such as MediaWiki:Poll-vote-update), 'default value' displays the default message (this is also shown in Special:AllMessages) and 'description' tells where the message is displayed and possibly some other useful things.

Message Default value Description
poll-vote-update Your vote has been updated. Displayed after the user has changed his/her vote while having previously voted for something.
poll-vote-add Your vote has been added. Displayed to the user after his/her vote has been succesfully added.
poll-vote-error There was a problem with processing your vote, please try again. Error message, which will be displayed to the user if there was a problem with vote processing.
poll-percent-votes $1% of all votes $1 is the percentage number of the votes.
poll-your-vote You already voted for "$1" on $2, you can change your vote by clicking an answer below. $1 is the answer name, $2 is the date when the answer was casted.
poll-no-vote Please vote below. Displayed on the poll form if the user hasn't voted yet.
poll-info $1 votes have been cast since the poll was created on $2. $1 is the number of votes, $2 is when the poll was started.
poll-submitting Please wait, submitting your vote. Displayed when the software is processing the vote.