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The following table documents all new system messages defined by SendToAFriend extension and is meant to help translators with the translation process. The messages with wikitext or HTML tags have been surrounded with <nowiki> tags to display them exactly as they are in the source file. By editing these messages you can translate SendToAFriend in your language.

The 'message' column refers to the appropriate MediaWiki message (such as MediaWiki:Sendtoafriend), 'default value' displays the default message (this is also shown in Special:AllMessages) and 'description' tells where the message is displayed and possibly some other useful things.

Please note that especially large messages (like MediaWiki:Staf-body) might not display correctly in the table due to size limitations when it comes to tables. You should always check the source message to make sure that the formatting will be correct rather than solely relying on this table!

Message Default value Description
sendtoafriend Send to a Friend Title of the special page
staf-box-send Send to a friend Shown in the yellow box which is displayed on the right corner of each page
staf-spread Spread the word! Displayed when you hover your mouse over the small e-mail icon in the yellow "Send to a friend" box
staf-disclaimer <small>We will not spam you (or your friend), or sell/give-away your email addresses. <strong>We do not record these email addresses.</strong></small><br />
staf-from <small>(for the "From" field in the email so that they know it's from you).</small>
staf-title Send $1 to a Friend
staf-preview Preview Button displayed on the "Send to a friend" form. Pressing this button will show you a preview of your message.
staf-emailsend Send Button displayed on the "Send to a friend" form. Pressing this button will send your message to your friend.
staf-emailpage Email the page link. Title of the "Send" button.
staf-emailsent The email has been sent. Displayed after the message has been successfully sent.
staf-emailfail Mail could not be sent. Please try again later. Sorry :( Displayed if sending the message to your friend failed for some reason.
staf-accesskey-send s Accesskey for the send button. You shouldn't translate this into other languages.
staf-accesskey-preview p Accesskey for the preview button. You shouldn't translate this into other languages.
staf-page Page
staf-friendemail Your friend's email address:
staf-youremail Your email address:
staf-subject Subject line:
staf-message Brief message:
staf-nopage You haven't specified a page to send. Browse to the page you wish to send and click the 'Send to a Friend' link.
staf-invalidfriendemail The email address you entered for your friend is not a valid email address. Please fix any typos and try again.
staf-spamnotice We're sorry, but due to spammers trying to use our form to send out frequent spam, we've begun filtering messages that appear to be spam.<br /> <strong>Please try again with a different message.</strong><br /> Sorry for the inconvenience! Displayed to the user if s/he triggers the spam filter.
staf-defaultsubject Check out this cool page at ShoutWiki! Default subject line, which will be used if the user doesn't specify one.
staf-body __NOEDITSECTION__ __NOTOC__ Hi, You should check out [{{fullurl:$1}} $2] at {{SITENAME}} {{fullurl:PAGE}} $3 ==About ShoutWiki== ShoutWiki is a free wiki hosting site that is built on the same software as Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Anyone can create a wiki within moments! ShoutWiki offers many unique features that other wiki hosting services are unable to provide. ShoutWiki's customer support team provides support by email or on IRC. So come and join in the fun! Actual message, which gets sent to your friend. $1 is the "raw" page name (i.e. Main_Page), $2 is the page name without spaces (i.e. Main Page) and $3 is your brief message to your friend.